Business Development Expertise
Proven Capabilities
With experience in 100+ acquisitions and alliances throughout the world, WMS has been involved with a variety of deal structures, market issues, and integration approaches. 

Value-Added Services
Industry assessment
• Candidate selection
• Development of investor materials
• Confidential prospecting
• Valuation
• Negotiation
• Due diligence
• Integration
Common Issues & Challenges

How do we maintain confidentiality?

What is our company valuation?

How do we get a fair price?

What preparation is required?

How do we find the best partner?

Who is the appropriate contact?

How do we make the initial approach?

When should we discuss price?

How should the deal be structured?

How much work is required?
"WMS services exceed our expectations. The creativity, intuition and diligence are clearly outstanding ."

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                 President & CEO
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We Specialize in Alliances, Divestitures & Acquisitions
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