Business Development Expertise
Three Ways to Get Started
Three Ways To Be Assured
1.  Understand Our Practices: Inquire about our work practices - you will find that we always over deliver. We always put our client's interests first.

2.  See Our Work: We have many work examples that demonstrate the impact, strategic insight and work content. Seeing is believing.

3.  Ask Our Clients: You will find that our clients are our best advocates. We work to earn our client's trust and contribute to their success.
           B-Dev Check-up

Companies recognize "they don't know what they don't know" and request an independent review of their business development practices.
       Specific Requirements

Companies often turn to WMS with very specific needs. WMS prepares an engagement letter that provides a clear understanding of the underlying situation, requirements, work activities and deliverables.
      Outsourced B-Dev Support

Demands for business development support often is sporadic and the know how is specialized. For these reasons, many companies enter a part time arrangement, with defined work activities and deliverables.
Specialized Services