Business Development Expertise
A "Rainmaker"?  In the world of business, a rainmaker is "very successful in opening doors and bringing in business."  WMS connects with senior executives for strategic lead generation, and reaches well over 90% of targeted prospects. We have a refined process for making the initial contact, generating interest, enlisting prospects to enter strategic discussions, and closing deals.

We generate leads for:  1. Strategic partnerships (distributing, reselling, licensing +++)
                                 2. Acquisitions & divesitures
                                 3. Generating new business (key accounts
Strategic Lead Generation - A Rainmaker!
“We retained WMS and all of our goals were achieved. We now have a true understanding of our business; we expanded into two new markets; and we know how our existing and potential new customers perceive us.

WMS was very successful in establishing several new accounts. Outstanding results!” 

                 Kim Maddox
                 Landmasters Group Inc
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