Business Development Expertise
The Business Development "Checkup"
What is "The Checkup"?
The Checkup is a systematic evaluation of your business development practices, using a proprietary assessment tool.

Companies benefit from an independent and comprehensive assessment of business development practices.  We identify both quick wins and strategic opportunities.
How is "The Checkup" performed?
The checkup is peformed onsite, in person by WMS.  We interview key employees and observe your business practices, taking notes of strengths, weaknesses, issues and opportunities.
How do we get started?
Just click on the blue bar, below, select the most convenient way to contact us, and we will schedule an appointment to discusss the checkup and get started.
What are the deliverables?
You will receive a structured report that demonstrates the big picture drills down to the specifics.  The report is fact based, and draws upon insight gained across many industries.   The findings are balanced, recognizing your areas of strength, and areas for improvement.  Recommend actions are pragmatic, both with immediate and long-term impact.  The report is reviewed with you, to ensure that you benefit from the findings.
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